Don’t fall foul of the fraudsters

The value of fraud committed in the UK last year topped £1bn for the first time since 2011, the increase in cyber crime and the risk of more large-scale scams will continue to be a problem as the economy comes under pressure.

Ensuring that you conduct your financial transactions securely and protecting your personal details can help prevent the fraudsters from accessing your details.

  • Before entering any card details online, always ensure the site is secure, you can tell if a site is secure as you will see a padlock in the web address bar. The web address of any payment page should begin with “https” – the “S” stands for secure.
  • Carrying out financial transactions over unsecure wi-fi connections is never a good idea. Avoid making transactions via this method when you are out and about. More info here.
  • Always use a secure website payment service rather than transferring money directly for bookings or payment for items.
  • Ensure your connected devices are protected with a firewall and up to date with the antivirus software.
  • Never freely give remote access to your computer to someone you don’t know.
  • Use free services such as the Telephone Preference Service (TPS) to block unsolicited calls.
  • Never divulge your PIN or passwords over the telephone, only a fraudster would request this information.
  • Never be pressured into making or divulging information relating to your personal details or financial details.
  • Minimise your personal details on social media sites.shutterstock_328689014

If you are worried that you have fallen foul of the fraudsters notify your bank or credit card company immediately and ActionFraud, the UK’s national fraud and cyber crime reporting centre.

ActionFraud – 0300 123 2040

CIFAS (Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance System) is also a great source for information on fraud prevention.


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